Spotted at Maison et Object in Paris.

Spotted at Maison et Object in Paris.

My recent visit to Maison et Objet in Paris revealed a true design gem – STOFF Nagel's single-element modular candle holder, akin to Lego's ingenious simplicity. All the way from Denmark, this piece embodies the essence of Scandinavian craftsmanship.

What sets it apart? Each candle holder is ingeniously crafted from a single element. The result? Endless possibilities to sculpt your personalized candle display. It effortlessly combines the warm embrace of candlelight with artistic versatility.

For an immersive experience, delve into the images available on Zero-Lab's website. Don't miss the opportunity to infuse your decor with Danish excellence through STOFF Nagel's innovative creation. 


 Explore more pictures and videos here: STOFF Nagel Collection at Zero-Lab.









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