“Stills: Volume II” Enrique Collar.

“Stills: Volume II” Enrique Collar.

Enrique Collar's much-anticipated exhibition, "Stills: Volume II," will be showcased at Gallery WM from May 31st to June 29th, 2024. Known for his talents as a filmmaker and painter, Collar presents a series of meta-realist and photo-realist duo-chrome oil paintings derived from his acclaimed films "Novena" (2010) and "Costa Dulce" (2013). These works explore rural hardships and mythical allure, offering profound insights into human experiences.

Collar, based in Rotterdam, draws from his Guaraní-spoken docufictions to create poignant, evocative landscapes. His journey from Paraguay to Rotterdam has deeply influenced his artistic evolution, exposing him to diverse traditions and broadening his understanding of identity and narrative fluidity.

The paintings transcend mere representation, portraying rural and universal realities with meticulous detail and a vibrant palette. Collar's works reflect his cinematic background, blending realism with lyrical poetry and inviting deep viewer engagement.

His duo-chrome oil paintings captivate with their depth and richness, bringing scenes to life with meticulous detail. They invite viewers to explore the intersection of reality and imagination, contemplating universal themes like love, loss, hope, and resilience.

"Stills: Volume II" offers an opportunity to experience Enrique Collar's lustrous (sur)realities and rediscover the beauty and complexity of the world.

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