Teatro Greco.

Teatro Greco.

I recently visited Teatro Greco in Taormina during a short trip to Sicily. The experience of standing in such a historic place, with breathtaking views and a palpable sense of history, was truly unforgettable.

Teatro Greco is an ancient Greek theater built in the 3rd century BC and later expanded by the Romans.

The construction methods involved using local materials such as brick and stone. The original Greek structure was made of large stone blocks, while the Romans added brickwork during their renovations.

The theater was carved into the hillside, taking advantage of the natural slope to create seating that faces a stunning view of Mount Etna and the sea.

The diameter of the structure is about 109 meters (358 feet). It has a seating capacity of around 5,400 spectators, making it one of the largest theaters in Sicily. 
If you haven't seen it and are in the area it is worth stopping by.

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