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Ex.t FRAME Modular cabinet by Norm Architects

Ex.t FRAME Modular cabinet by Norm Architects

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Frame is a modular system of bathroom furniture and supplies. The design of this system has a Scandinavian allure with a minimalist design that looks very delicate. It is also a flexible system consisting of several black graphic frames. These frames are customizable depending on your functional purpose. The steel construction is designed to accommodate both the basin and the counter top made of various materials such as wood, marble, stone and LivingTec®. On the inside you can hang a lacquered wooden cabinet or drawer to complete the whole. In short, this smart and sleek bathroom system is the perfect solution for any living space thanks to its versatility, and can even be used for multiple solutions within your bathroom. The design comes from Norm Architects, a well-known designers collective from Denmark. For more information about the applications, design and prices, please contact us.

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