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Ash Cognac

Ash Cognac

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A noble brown tone gives this parquet a sophisticated character. This floor is characterized by small, rare knots and random grain arrangement. Thanks to its warm and subtle color it will beautifully outline modern interiors. Pin knots allowed, random fibers arrangement, dark coloring (product after heat treatment – batches may vary in shade) Products after thermal treatment are exposed to changes in color under the influence of sunlight and also change naturally to a lighter color over time.




4 Layers of Oil-Wax Finish

Oil wax penetrates the wood's structure, accentuating its natural beauty while preserving the floor. It may require more frequent maintenance but allows for spot renovations.

Beveling V4

All four edges are slightly chamfered in four-sided beveling, visually highlighting each floor element.

Floor Heating

The floor is designed for compatibility with floor heating systems


*product available periodically, please contact us for availability

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