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STOFF Nagel Candle Holder

STOFF Nagel Candle Holder

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STOFF Nagel is a Danish design brand founded in 2015 and known for the relaunch of the iconic STOFF Nagel candle holder.

 The classic piece was launched using Werner Stoff’s original drawings and since then more designs from the 1960’s design era have been revived. Today, the collection consists of the STOFF Nagel candle holder, vase, bowl, stand, wall hanger, floor stand, glass base, and exclusive candles. The functional design touches the Scandinavian minimalism and the stackable approach allows you to combine and create individual sculptures with an infinite of modules. The iconic design is considered a work of art – a personal statement with artistic freedom ready to assume the shape of its owner’s unique creativity.

Create and combine it with other STOFF Nagel designs and use it with taper candles, or leave it merely as a decorative sculpture.

Cleaning and maintenance: This special piece is made of solid brass that has undergone a process of oxidation to achieve the bronzed finish. The brass is left untreated and will patinate over time. You can easily remove candle drips by placing the candle holder in hot water with a drop of detergent. After removing drips please refrain from polishing your candle holder as this will ruin the bronzed finish. Please note that marks may occur on the legs after repeated stacking due to natural wear and tear unveiling the clean brass surface.

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