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Ex.t PLATEAU Washbasin by Sebastian Herkner, Oval

Ex.t PLATEAU Washbasin by Sebastian Herkner, Oval

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This washbasin fits the modern bathroom and reintroduces the functionality and aesthetics of the bathtub. The side dish is the unique trademark of this entire collection. The Plateau washbasin is available in rounded and oval shapes. Moreover, with the drawer, it can be made on the left or right side as desired. This drawer can also be placed in a higher or lower position, but the table is also available without a drawer. This refined washbasin can meet every need and preference. The Plateau washbasin is available with a free-standing column or as a counter-top basin. This way you always have the choice to fit it into your bathroom interior. The washbasin meets the highest standards of quality, is based on the latest technology, and is environmentally friendly. You absolutely don't have to worry about this. This oval bathroom furniture is made of LivingTec® (a compact, non-porous, non-toxic and high-tech material).

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